Electro-magnetic Pulse / High Impact Threats to the Energy Sector and Interdependent Critical Infrastructures

Location: Berry Room, Nutter Center

Date/Time: January 18, 2017 / 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Please join Steve Pappas and Jack Pressman as they discuss Electro-magnetic Pulses (EMPs) and their impact to critical infrastructure. This presentation will discuss low probability but high consequence threats, focusing on work that has been done by the Electromagnetic Pulse Special Interest Group concerning power grid failure and the cascading effects on interdependent critical infrastructures. Attack vectors on the energy sector that will be covered include: cyber-attacks, space weather events called geomagnetic disturbances or solar flares, radio frequency weapon attacks and electromagnetic pulse attacks resulting from an upper atmosphere nuclear detonation.

This presentation will:

  • Provide an overview the EMP SIG’s mission and it’s relationship with the national InfraGard organization.
  • Discuss the threat – from cyber-attacks, space weather events, radio frequency weapons and electromagnetic pulse attacks caused by a nuclear detonation.
  • Provide an overview of the national space weather strategy and action plan which were developed by the White House in 2015.
  • Highlight the way forward, describe the next steps the EMP SIG is taking to plan, organize and implement conferences, workshops, table top and functional exercises designed to mitigate the threat from these low probability but high consequence attack vectors.

Steve Pappas has over 30 years of experience as an active duty and reserve officer in the U.S. Army, higher education at Indiana University, and in security roles serving both the public and private sectors. He has authored USEPA and OSHA regulatory compliant programs; lectured on security and safety related topics at the state and national level for over 20 years.

Jack Pressman has over 35 years of experience delivering mission critical products and services in the design, build and commission of Tier 3+ facilities, enterprise data centers, the Chicago Police Department headquarters building, survivable private cloud centers and EMP GRID protected platforms. He is a renowned global speaker on designing threat resilient infrastructure.

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